curriculum vitae

Toda constructs his paintings by collaging images of clouds, animals, plants, etc., starting from existing portraits on the Internet. In his recent works, everything depicted in his paintings is characterize by a character named "YUM," which expresses how we, the viewers, and the environment around us are living in harmony with each other, interacting with each other with a will. Review by Atsuhiro Miyake

Yusuke Toda / 戸田悠理

1991年 東京生まれ
2015年 多摩美術大学絵画学科油画専攻卒業


Yusuke Toda
Artist, born 1991 in Tokyo, Japan, graduated from Tama Art University in 2015 with a BFA in Oil Painting.
Major solo exhibitions include "Dreams" (Tokyo, 2021)
Major group exhibitions include "Pⁿ - Powers of PLAY -" (The University Art Museum Chenretsukan, Tokyo University of the Arts) in 2018.

He is currently based in Tokyo.

Exhibition History.
2021 "Dreams" Tokyo
2020 Deal in Fantasy, Tokyo 
2019 "Strangers in Ourselves" Tokyo
2018 Pⁿ - Powers of PLAY -, The University Art Museum Chenretsukan, Tokyo University of the Arts
2017 "Lucid Dream," Tokyo
2015 Shell Art Award Exhibition, The National Art Center, Tokyo
2020 FACE Prize, Honorable Mention
2020 Shell Art Prize, Honorable Mention
2015 Ichiro Fukuzawa Award
2015 Shell Art Award, Honorable Mention


2021  "Dreams"    東京

2020  Deal in Fantasy、 

2019   "Strangers in Ourselves"    東京

2019  アートオリンピア、 東京都美術館

2018  "Departure" Cafe grumpy financial district、マンハッタンニューヨーク

2018  Pⁿ – Powers of PLAY –、東京藝術大学大学美術館陳列館


2017 山本冬彦が選ぶ推薦作家展、九段耀画廊

2017 α art week、Shonandai MY Gallery

2017 明晰夢、児玉画廊


2016  Time Differences between Two Pictures、mdlroom 

2015 シェル美術賞展、国立新美術館
2015 五美術大学連合卒業制作展、国立新美術館
2015 卒業制作優秀者展、多摩美術大学東棟ギャラリー
2013 o'ya展3、TURNER GALLERY
2012 o'ya展2、多摩美術大学芸術祭
2011 o'ya展、多摩美術大学芸術祭


2017  Art Stage Singapore、 マリーナベイサンズ、 シンガポール 

2016  ASYAAF2016、 ドンデムンデザインプラザ 、韓国ソウル


2020 FACE賞入選

2020 シェル美術賞入選
2015 福沢一郎賞
2015 シェル美術賞入選